What Is The Most Commonly Broken Bone In The Human Body?


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The collar bone, called the clavicle, is the bone which is most frequently broken in our bodies. Categorized as a long bone, this particular bone forms part of the body's shoulder girdle (that is, pectoral girdle).

Situated on either side of a human body's chest, this bone links your sternum (that is, breastbone) to your scapula (that is, shoulder bone). Bone strength is of crucial importance to avoid fractures in general and it is significantly reduced in individuals with osteoporosis.

While you find professional athletes fall exceptionally hard very often, they usually don't end up with fractured or broken collar bones since they undergo training on how to fall correctly. In many people, in particular women, you can actually see or feel this bone bulging out.
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Collar bone
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The clavicle. I wonder why?
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The most commonly broken bone in the body,there are actually two of them one the arm every kid and almost every adult either breaks or sprains this part of their body,and the leg or foot adults mainly break this part of the body

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