Who Discovered The Way To Make Paper?


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Before man invented paper they had created a writing material about 4000 years ago. In the history of ancient Egypt, the peeled and flattened form of papyrus plant was used in place of paper. Paper was invented in China by a man called Ts'ai Lun at about the year 105. He found the path to make paper from the stringy inner bark of the mulberry tree. In that time paper was made of mulberry tree, after that Bamboo and old rags were also used as the raw material of paper. By the Chinese traders the art of making paper was spread over Russia, then Arab, Spain and after that the secret put on Europe and England. But till that time it was a handicraft creation, in the mean time improved methods and machines for making paper were discovered. In 1798 in France a machine was developed that could make a continuous sheet or web or piece of paper. In the history of mankind paper is the very and one of the most important weapon for civilization.
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