Which Planet Has A Year That Is Only 88 Earth-Days Long?


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The answer to that question would be Mercury!

Why Is A Year On Mercury So Short?
Well, Mercury orbits the sun faster than any other planet.

A year is defined as the time it takes for a planet to complete its orbit, so an Earth year is different to a Mercurian year (year on Mercury).

Being closer to the sun than Earth, (and therefore having a much smaller orbit), means that Mercury doesn't take as long to travel around the sun as we do.

This means that its year is a lot shorter than ours.
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Mercury has days that are 58.7 Earth-days long, and a whole year on Mercury is only 88 days on Earth. This is all to do with how fast the planet orbits the sun.

More Facts About Mercury
  • Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar System.
  • It's 57.9 million kilometers away from the sun, but that's closer than any other planet.
  • Mercury is one of two planets that do not have any moons of their own.
  • Mercury has perhaps after Venus the highest surface temperature.
  • Mercury is believed to have got its name from the fact that it travels very quickly across the sky.
  • "Mercury" is the Roman name for the Greek God Hermes; A God of Commerce, thievery and travel.
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That would be Mercury.

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