When Air Is Cooled To The Dew Point Near The Ground It Forms A Stratus Cloud Called What?


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I have no idea what r you no about
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The word is permafrost that defines the same phenomenon that you have described in your question. If you delve into the details of the phenomenon that is called permafrost, it is exactly a kind of soil that is below the freezing point for two or more that two years.

In this kind of soil it may happen that even ice is not present but its occurrence happens because of the phenomenon of excess of the hydraulic saturation that is present in the ground material. If we take the case of the presence of this kind of soil, you can say that it is not find in normal situation and mostly the occurrence of this kind of soil happens in the region of high altitude and as it is in the area of high altitude, you can find the kind of soil in North Pole and South Pole.
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