Where Is Cholera Found Across The World Geographically?


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Its found in southern parts of africa and asia.
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Cholera was initially prevalent only in the Indian subcontinent, with the Ganges River possibly being the reservoir for the contamination. It then travelled through trade routes to Russia, Western Europe, and North America. However, it is no longer regarded to be a danger in the continents of Europe and North America, owing to the filtration and chlorination process to which the water is subjected to before being supplied to the public.

There have so far been seven pandemics of cholera in the world, with outbreaks in many places such as India, China, Russia, Indonesia etc.
There is no way cholera can be categorised as occurring in one place specifically, it can take place anywhere where there is lack of hygiene and the prevalence of contaminated water.

Some famous people who have contracted cholera include:
George Bradshaw
Alexandre Dumas
William Jenkins Worth
Samuel Charles Stowe, son of Harriet Beecher Stowe

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