When Was The Microscope Invented?


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It Was Invented In 1674
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It was discovered in 1674
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An instrument which enables to view objects which are too small to be seen easily by the naked eye is a Microscope. Microscope gives us a large image of a tiny object. The Microscope we use in school and at home traces its history back almost 400 years. Today there is no clinical lab or research laboratories that do not contain a microscope. This instrument has really helped a lot in the investigation of diseases in recent times.

1590 – Zaccharias and Hans Janssen; Two Dutch eye glass makers, were the first to experiment with multiple lenses. They found that the objects observed under these lenses appeared greatly enlarged, creating both the forerunner of the compound microscope and the telescope.

1674 – Anton van Leeuwenhoek was the first to build a simple microscope with a single lens for the examination of blood, yeast, insects, and many other tiny objects. He was also the first person to describe microorganisms and create methods for polishing and grinding lenses for curvatures providing magnifications of up to 270 diameters, the best available lenses at that time.
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The microscope was invented the year of [1632-17230 the microscope waas created by Anthony Leeuwenhoek
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the Romans had already invented glass in the 1st century Ad and were using a primitive form of telescope and microscope, without any of the qualities it has today. They did experiments with different shapes of glass, one day they discovered that a piece of glass that was thinner in the edges that the centre, when placed over something made the object look bigger, and the technology we use today had its beginning.

At about the same time they discovered if you held one of these pieces of glass on a spot and focused the rays of the sun, you could start a fire smouldering.They named it a burning glass. Lens, as a name for this, came later in Latin because the shape was said to resemble a lentil.
Lenses really stated to be used in the 13th century, when they were worn as glasses to aid vision.

Simple "microscopes" stated to be used at the beginning of the 15th century to look at insects and fleas which were small.
Then in 1590 a Dutch spectacle maker Janssen, and his father, made the breakthrough in putting several lenses together and magnifying an image.Galileo heard about this, and started his own experiments. The modern day microscope was born, at least in principle.Then Holland was in the limelight again, when Anthony Leeuwenhoek discovered how to see what could not be seen with the naked eye, in a drop of water.
It took many more years before the technology that exists today, with computer powered microscopes was arrived at.

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