How Big Is Nigeria?


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Nigeria formally known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a nation located in West Africa.

Nigeria has Republic of Benin towards the west, Chad and Cameroon towards its east, Niger towards its north and with sections of Gulf of Guinea towards the south. It is believed that there were human settlements in this region since 9000 BC. It is said that the Benue-Cross River region was the motherland of the Bantu migrants who later spread to other the regions of central and southern Africa. Nigeria was earlier governed by United Kingdom from whom they attained independence in the year 1960.

According to the census conducted in the year 2006 the total population of this country was estimated to be 140,003,542, having an average population density of 145 per square kilometre. The census report of 2006 also stated that the total area of this region was, 923,768 square kilometres.

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