What Is The Best Way For Communication Between Business Parties, Considering Personal Privacy, And Why?


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The best way to communicate is always face to face. This way we can be sure that we are heard, that the message is understood and received either well or badly and confusion is kept to a minimum.
The telephone became part of a lives in a real way only 50 years ago. A telephone call be listened in to by a third party, or the information passed on to other parties. That is why the morse code was invented during the war, to prevent people listening in.
Since then other codes for communication have been used.
The mafia had and have, one of the most famous to avoid any risk of disclosure.
So, the secret Agent was born, of whom James Bond is the epitome,and personal meetings are the most secure.
In our personal lives we do not often consider that our talking on the telephone poses a risk to us. Yet, it can if we talk about sensitive information, even to our family, mentioning bank details, ID numbers and the like, which can be stolen and used by identity thieves.
Recently we use e mail more to correspond, which was always designed as an informal way to communicate information quickly, to friends, family and businesses.
It has unfortunately replaced letter writing, which was more personal.
However as we have seen, the security can easily be breeched by those with the knowledge.
So sending sensitive information should always be guarded against, unless on a site which contains secure authorisations. Even then, we should beware, because if we are not the only person using that computer we can pass on information unwittingly.
The anonymity of the internet makes it a perfect arena for the criminal and scam artist, and we should be aware of that.

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