What Is Epithelial Hyperplasia In The Breast?


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The condition of Epithelial Hyperplasia is identified by histological methods, this is determined when the number of cells lining increases than the Terminal Duct Lobular unit. Hyperplasia can be defined as the increase in the number of Cells. It may be rated as Florid, moderate and mild. You may also find Atypia. Breast Carcinoma risk can be caused by the presence of Atypia.

The epithelial hyperplasia in the parts like Duct, lobule and Ductule in the breast is very common graze and may carry risk of invasive carcinoma. It is not understood, whether epithelial hyperplasia can change into Carcinoma or malignant change occur again. It is believed that occurrence of Epithelial Hyperplasia is more frequent then Carcinoma.

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Hyperplasia is abnormal tissue or possibly organ growth and growth of normal cells; a benign (non-cancerous) tumour growing.

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