Who Are Involved In Communication Process?


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Everyone is involved in the communication process because everyone communicates with each other every day.

  • What is communicating?
Communication is a massive part of our lives and is essentially one element that makes us human. We have the ability to communicate on such a detailed level that we can reveal everything we are thinking.

The ability to communicate is one of the most important skills we can learn. It will not only help us in our personal lives but also in work and virtually everything we do that requires interaction with other people or even animals.

  • Speaking

The primary form of communication is through speaking and listening. Speech is a learned process that is taught to us from the day we are born. By the age of 5, most children can effectively communicate by speech and this ability develops throughout our lives. Prior to being able to communicate via speech, babies and young children find different ways to communicate.

Crying is the primary way that a baby will effectively communicate that they need something. Babies usually have different types of cries depending on what it is they want and the parents will soon come to recognize what it is they need. Soon enough, facial expressions, gestures and body language will communicate thoughts and feelings and monosyllabic words will begin the speech process.

  • Listening

Listening is often an underrated form of communication and people often become so focused on communicating their message that they forget to listen to the messages other people are giving. We can learn so much from what other people have to say that it is very important to listen and allow other people to communicate and then give feedback on what they have told you.

  • Writing
We also communicate in the written form or through pictures, tables and graphs. Sometimes drawings can be a more effective form of communication as they can clearly outline a particular message where words would be inadequate or unnecessary.

The written form of communication is often effective as the writer has had the time to think about what they wish to say rather than speech; which tends to be impulsive communication.

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