What Are Qualities Or Characteristics Of Chemists?


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To be a successful and efficient chemist there are a number of qualities and characteristics that are expected. These qualities include being safety conscious, academic, inventive and detail orientated. While these are not the only characteristics a chemist will have, they are some of the most important factors in being successful.

  • Safety Conscious.
Chemists have to work with a variety of hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. To avoid accidents, that often have the possibility to be fatal, chemists are required to be completely aware of the safety risks involved with their experiments. Safety precautions must always be carried out. These can vary from wearing safety goggles to knowing the correct first aid to use should anything go wrong.
  • Academic.
Before a person can qualify as a chemist, they are required to carry out a number of official academic courses and exams. The exact requirements of these qualifications vary between countries but typically an undergraduate university course and some postgraduate study could be necessary. Once within the profession, academic research needs to continue to ensure that the chemist is keeping their knowledge fresh and developing.
  • Inventive.
Chemistry requires good background knowledge of the subject and a little inventive thinking. Their work will often lead to unique and untested ideas, the creation and success of which can give a chemist a reputable name. Some of the best chemists are the ones who do not stick exactly to the text book and try out some experiments of their own.
  • Detail Orientated.
Although inventiveness is key for a good chemist, they are also required to be detail orientated. A lot of chemists' work involves complex mathematical equations and chemical reactions. Some that are not followed correctly can lead to some dangerous results.

Chemists need to be safety conscious, academic inventive and detail orientated in order to have success in their work place. These, along with many other qualities and characteristics, are what determines a good chemist.

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