What Are The 10 Traits Of Filipino Scientist?


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A Filipino scientist will need the following traits to be uniquely suited in the discipline of science. This will apply to all nationalities.

1. Passion: As in any field of work, a person must possess passion in what he or she does. A scientist should never be afraid to ask, challenge, think aloud and listen. They have to possess a passion for improving humanity, the environment and all living things.

2. Curiosity: A scientist always wants to know how something works. Inquiring minds can lead to breakthroughs.

3. Dedication: Scientists must possess drive to discover the truths that they seek. If they lack dedication they will tire and likely quit. They should be hard working and persistent.

4. Intelligence: Natural intelligence is definitely a prerequisite to being a scientist. Complex facts must always be learnt, making this discipline decidedly more arduous and challenging.

5. Cognitive Characteristics: A scientist must be open minded and not be daunted by failures, but instead use this failure to improve upon future problem solving techniques and methods.

6. Ethical Qualities: A scientist must possess intellectual courage and report any findings in an honest way regardless of outside commercial or personal interest. A discovery could potentially reshape previous beliefs.

7. Creativity: Creativity creates out of the box thinking that is necessary for being innovative.

8. Perfectionism: A scientist has to be detail oriented. This means they must have analytic tendencies to write down any information in an efficient manner. They should be logical and systematic.

9. Strong Work Ethics: A scientist should be able to work well in groups or alone and communicate their thoughts verbally and on paper. They must be willing to hold back on any judgments until they are absolutely sure of their own results.

10.Dependability, honesty, a positive attitude, a keen observer, patience, being humble, objective, rational and persevering are other traits that bode well with being a scientist. Is a scientist eccentric? Well, they are actually a lot of fun.

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