What Is The Artifacts In Non Verbal Communication?


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Thanks for your question. As we know communication can be verbal (through speaking) and non-verbal. It is often said that the latter of which is the most powerful form of communication. Non-verbal communication can say just as much, if not more, than verbal.

Artefacts are also highly essential in non-verbal communication. They demonstrate a lot about a persons character. Artefacts can include clothes, accessories, props, jewellery, and other things that can be attributed to a persons style. These silently tell us a lot about a person before we even have the opportunity to engage in conversation with them. The way a person thinks, feels, and their belief systems are also exuded in the mastery of their own style. A person's wardrobe is generally the best artefacts for non-verbal communication, according to psychologists.

I hope this helps.

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