What Are The Internal Communication Problems?


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The members of an organization may find it difficult to communicate with each other. Some common problems are:

1. At times, the sender encodes the message using inappropriate words.
2. The sender transmits message before giving the idea an adequate thought. If the idea is based on assumptions that are not correct, this will lead to distorted communication.
3. Communication may be difficult to understand, if the sender uses uncommon words with complex sentence structure.
4. Communication problems may arise as a result of filtration of information, that is, conscious manipulation of facts to coin events in a way, favourable to the sender.
5. Another common cause of difficult communication is short circuiting, that is, omission of one or more individuals in a communication chin.
6. The message may be decoded incorrectly because the vocabulary of the receiver is different than that of the sender, and there is no agreement on the meaning of the words or actions.
7. Problems may occur due to overloading, that is, reception of problems in such quantity that the receiver is unable to respond intelligently.
8. Preconceived ideas, attitudes or prejudices also interfere in communication.
9. Anxiety also plays an important part in this regard. People who are anxious are less likely to hear what is being said.
10. Another important factor which creates problems in communication is timing, that is, lack of coordination in sending and receiving messages.

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