What Is The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Qualitaive Research And Quantitative Research?


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The advantages of qualitative research include:

  • Used to examine subjective ideas for which it is not possible to quantify the results and apply some mathematical model.

  • It is used to explore new areas of research for which there is previously no knowledge available.

  • In qualitative research, you can examine the question from various aspects as there are no restrictions on how to evaluate the data and you don’t have to examine certain variables and their effects.

  • The research can be modified in case more important phenomena emerge

The advantages of quantitative research are:

  • They yield results that can be verified statistically and mathematically

  • The results can be used to predict the behavior of a similar population and remain relevant in future

  • There are standards to which the results are compared and the results that deviate a lot can be considered as unusual circumstances and can become areas of further research.

  • The results are unbiased, measurable, and controllable and make use of certain rules.

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