What Is The Importance Of Livestock In The Sector Of Agriculture In Pakistan?


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The culture and cultivation of livestock in the agricultural sector of Pakistan is verily important and immensely popular. Firstly because livestock breeds animals, which serve as a source of draft power in the course of the farming process in tasks like threshing, ploughing and harvesting.

Animals are also a useful and cheap means of transportation. Secondly, animals are a great source of food. Like chickens give eggs and cows give milk, which becomes the source of further by-products for subsistence purposes or commercial purposes. Furthermore their dung is a great source of domestic fuel and as manure.

Moreover the process of livestock breeding contributes hugely in providing raw material for domestic industries providing material like leather, wool, bones, animal hair etc. Not just in the local market but these products (some of them) have a high demand in the international market as well. The share of these livestock products in the generation of foreign exchange is about 13 percent.
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Pakistani livestock is generally considered the "black gold of Pakistan" as was indicated in a recent survey by the United Nations. The times in which we are living in has seen a general food crisis the world wide and in this scenario the role of agricultural countries involved in livestock breeding and dairy farming is more welcome. Pakistani livestock is of premium quality and usually fetches good prices in the international market.
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