What Is The Agriculture System In Pakistan?


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Generally two crops are grown in a year in Pakistan. The crops sown in October and November, after the rainy season, is called spring or summer (rabi crop). It is harvested in April and may. The chief summer or spring (rabi) crops are; wheat, barley, Gram and Oil seeds. The other annual crops in winter or autumn (kharif) which are sown in the months of May and June and harvested in October and November. The main winter or autumn crops are; Rice, Maize, Sorghum, Millets, cotton and sugarcane.

Crops can be divided into two kinds. Firstly food crops such as wheat, rice and barley. These crops are used as food. Secondly, cash crops such as cotton, sugar cane etc. these crops basically are not part of people's food but they are sold in local and foreign markets for earning cash and foreign exchange.

Agriculture has great importance in Pakistan's economic system. Progress of the country is linked with that of agriculture. The agricultural strategy of Pakistan is the key to the goal of self-reliance. Efforts are being made to attain self- sufficiency in food very soon so that the scarce foreign exchange is saved and to increase the output of cash crops.

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