What Do You Know About Cash Crop Farming?


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I need information on cash crops vs food crops
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Cash Crop farming is very common and natural in all the parts of the world. It is natural because it is in the nature of all of the human beings that they do not leave their wish and keep on wanting more and more. As these crops allot money to the farmer at an extensive rate, many of the farmers are determined to concentrate on the cash crop farming rather than the small subsistence farming on small farms.

TECHNIQUES USED IN Cash Crop farming:
The techniques used in this sector of farming, are pretty different from the techniques and processes used in the Subsistence farming. Here, more advanced machinery is used rather than old manual techniques and material, given by the
Fore fathers of the farmer. Here combined harvesters, tractors and many people are used to work in the farm.

Some of the important crops of this category are Wheat, rice, sugarcane, cotton, fruits like bananas and mangoes, pulses, maize, millets and many other products. Telling shortly, cash crop farming is much bigger source of profit to the farmer than subsistence one.

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