What Are The Laboratory Tools And Their Meanings?


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There are many laboratory tools, so this answer will only look at three. For more information about a wider range of laboratory tools, please visit the Wikipedia website. There is an extensive article available that discusses different laboratory tools from all realms of science.

• Agar plate

An agar plate is very similar to a petri dish. In fact, it is a petri dish but it will contain a growth medium (this is usually the agar substance as well as nutrients). This is used to culture microorganisms, or even small plants.

Some growth compounds might be required to be added to this, like antibiotics. They are used in many laboratories, specifically biological laboratories given the nature of this kind of study.

Individual microorganisms will be placed on the plate and allowed to grow into their own individual colonies. The plate can then be used to either estimate the concentration of the organisms within the liquid culture, or to be able to create genetically pure cultures within a laboratory.

• Aspirator

Aspirators are also known as eductor-jet pumps. They can be classed as a filter pump, and they are used to produce a vacuum through the Venturi effect. The devices have a fluid that can be either liquid or gaseous, which flows through the tube. The tube starts getting narrower and narrower as the fluid passes through. When the tube gets narrow, the speed of the fluid increases, and this Venturi effect decreases the pressure. Ultimately, it causes a vacuum in the device.

• Bunsen burner

A Bunsen burner is a common piece of laboratory equipment. It is a piece of equipment that needs to be hooked up to a gas supply before it can actually work. It is able to provide a flame for whatever reason you may require, giving you a source of constant heat. You can set the flame to be small and intense, but it also has a safety flame setting that offers you the best visibility to avoid hurting yourself.

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