What Are The Laboratory Apparatus Symbols?


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Laboratory Symbols in the form of Safety Signs are extremely important to make sure those working in the lab are aware of potential dangers. Chemicals, acids and other hazards are present in most labs and the handling of these potentially harmful factors must be done with great care.

For this reason, all apparatus in labs should be labeled with safety signs where relevant and health and safety rules should be adhered to in this respect.

Some common signs include a round circle with flames on top for combustible material, a skull and crossbones indicating toxic chemicals and test tubes dripping liquid that is then eating into a table or hand. These are usually displayed in black on a yellow or orange background. A fire extinguisher sign will usually be a white silhouette of an extinguisher on a red background while live electricity is shown by a triangular sign in yellow with a jagged arrow like a lightning bolt pointing downwards.

If a laboratory has a laser present then it should contain the laser warning sign which is on a yellow background with a triangle containing a line ending with a star or explosion, this is necessary even when only low-powered lasers are present.

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