Why Pakistan Is An Agricultural Country?


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Pakistan is a developing country, economy dominated by agriculture. Known as the granary of the Indus plains and northern parts of the valley to build a huge irrigation system for rice, wheat, cotton, sugar cane food and cash crops such as growth provides a good water conditions. Basic self-sufficiency in grain, rice, cotton also include export. As the subtropical fruit resources are very rich in Pakistan known as the Oriental "Fruit Basket" said. Rich low-lying land in the plains of bananas, oranges, mango, guava and a variety of melons, peaches abound in the mountains of high principle, grapes, persimmons and so on. Main mineral resources reserves of natural gas, petroleum, coal, iron, copper, bauxite, etc., there are a lot of chrome ore, marble and precious stones. Industrial backwardness, the main industry is cotton textile industry, others are wool textile, sugar, paper making, tobacco, leather, machine building, chemical fertilizer, cement, electricity, natural gas, oil and other industries. Main imported oil and petroleum products, machinery and transport equipment, iron and steel products, fertilizers, and electrical appliances. Main export, cotton, rice, textiles, leather products and carpets. Pakistan's handicrafts, to skilled, well-established and world-famous. Pakistani handicraft history can be traced back to prehistoric times. Its camel hides and skins products, carpets, onyx and other products after thousands of people pondering Carpenter has been steadily improving.

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