Who Are The 20 Scientist?


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Twenty of the scientists who could be considered household names are; Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur, Edwin Hubble, Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Aristotle, Max Planck, Carl Sagan, Alfred Nobel, Robert Bunsen, Michael Faraday, John Dalton, Henry Cavendish, Blaise Pascal, Galileo Galilei, Niels Bohr and Alexander Graham Bell. Listing just 20 of the most famous scientists does not give a good scope of all the incredible scientific influences there are now and there have been in history. Focusing on four gives the chance to see these influences in a bit more detail.

  • Alexander Graham Bell
    Most famous for inventing the first practical telephone, Bell was a scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator. His ground breaking work into optical telecommunications, aeronautics and hydrofoils has been crucial to the development of modern technology. Alexander Graham Bell was also one of the founders of the National Geographic Society and is considered one of the most influential figures in scientific history

  • Carl Sagan
    Known by the public for his television series 'Cosmos', Carl Sagan was a scientist that studied in the fields of astronomy, cosmology, astrophysics, astrobiology and space science. He authored and contributed towards over 600 scientific papers and was the author of over 20 books

  • Edwin Hubble
    Edwin Hubble was the first scientist to confirm that there are more galaxies in the universe than just our own, the Milky Way. Hubble's Law is the relationship between the degree of the Doppler Shift and the galaxy's distance from the Earth.

  • Thomas Edison
    Thomas Edison is best known for his inventions of the phonograph, the light bulb and the first motion picture camera. He was one of the first to apply the principles of mass production to invention to create bulk numbers of his creations.
These four scientists are just a handful of the thousands of scientific minds that have helped contribute towards the knowledge and understanding we have of the world today.

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