Who Are Famous Foreign Scientists In Chemistry?


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Scientists in Chemistry that have received Nobel Prizes for their work include:
  • Peter Agre 2003
  • Kurt Alder 1950
  • Adolf Von Baeyer 1905
  • Adolf Butenandt 1939
  • Manfred Eigen 1967
  • Kenichi Fukui 1981
  • William Giauque 1949
  • Robert H. Grubbs 2005
  • Frederic Joliot-Curie 1935
  • Mario J. Molina 1995
In chemistry, the periodic table is famously used to list the known chemical elements in a table format. This idea had been developed gradually by many scientists including:
  • Antoine Lavoisier 
  • Johann Wolfgang Doberenier
  • August Kekule
  • John Newlands
It was however Russian Chemist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev and Julius Lothar Meyer that compiled what we presently know as the periodic table.

One of the first female chemists was Emilie du Chatelet. Born in Paris 1706, she was one of the first scientists to come across what we now know as infra-red radiation, despite women scientists being frowned upon at that time.

Famous historical chemists also include:
  • Herman von Helmholtz who worked on thermodynamics and the concept of free energy
  • Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran discovered Gallium, an important element in semiconductors
  • Ya'qub Al-Kindi was one of the earliest scientists who wrote books to precedent many later scientists. He was the first to purify and identify alcohol.
  • Claudine Picardet was another female scientist who provided places to research and study in a time that women were not allowed to work in such areas.
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Isaac newton
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Whose foreign scientists are you talking about?

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