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There are a huge number of scientists, born outside of the United States, who have contributed a great deal to the field of science. While some are famous for a particular invention or discovery, others are renowned for their contributions towards academia and scientific papers.

It is not practical to list all of the foreign scientists throughout history but focusing on four gives an idea of the individuals who have had an impact on modern science. Four of the most important foreign scientific figures are Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday, Charles Darwin and Robert Boyle.

  • Albert Einstein - One of the most famous scientific influences in history, German born Einstein was the scientists to develop the theory of relativity. He also developed the Electromagnetic Theory of Light and is considered the father of modern physics. He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics and began a revolution in the field.
  • Michael Faraday - This English chemist and physicist was famous for his contributions to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. He is often referred to as the best experimentalist in the history of science and he discovered electromagnetic induction, the laws of electrolysis and diamagnetism.

  • Charles Darwin - English born Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution and the origin of life in 1859. With compelling evidence, he suggested that all species of life have developed, over time, from a common ancestry. He proposed the scientific theory that the branching pattern of evolution was a result of natural selection.

  • Robert Boyle - The Irish scientist Robert Boyle is often referred to as the first modern chemist and one of the founders of modern chemistry. Boyle's Law is the description of the inversely proportional relationship between the volume and absolute pressure of gas, if the temperature is constant in a closed system.
Each of these four foreign scientists have contributed towards the knowledge and understanding that we have of science today. Their work has influenced many others and has continued to be developed over time.
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3 foreign scientist who contributed their studies in chemistry
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Aristotle, Charles darwin, gregor mendel, Carolus linnaeus, louis pasteur

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