What Is Watch Glass Apparatus?


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A watch glass is a circular sheet of glass that is meant to be used as a lid for a laboratory beaker or any other glass container found in a lab. The simple glass piece keeps the contents of lab containers from spilling or leaking. Many other parts of a lab apparatus are used to perform experiments - these may include Bunsen burners, petri dishes, round burners, beakers and glass containers in a variety of shapes and sizes. In a typical laboratory apparatus, substances will be heated with a burner, and mixed in containers - then, lids, such as glass watch plates, may be placed on top of containers to protect the contents.

Lab Experiments Follow A Set Procedure

• The first step of performing a proper science experiment in a laboratory is to create a hypothesis, or educated guess. Once this is done, a person must gather ingredients and tools that will help them "prove" their hypothesis through the actual experiment. In high school experiments, ingredients might range from water to vinegar to food coloring. In post-secondary education experiments, ingredients will be active chemicals with more complex chemical reactions.
• After the experiment is complete, results will be recorded, and a conclusion will be drawn. This conclusion should, ideally, support the original hypothesis. However, if the experiment doesn't confirm the hypothesis, this should be stated in conclusions. Science is about facts - any educated guess must always be backed up by hard facts, figures, and science, as well as observations.

Budding scientists can obtain glass watch plates and other laboratory apparatus supplies at science supply stores, or through Internet dealers. However, most people will not own their own lab apparatuses, unless they are very involved in science, and have their own home labs to experiment in. A watch glass will be very fragile, like many lab components, and should be washed and dried carefully after each use.

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