What Is The Procedure In Improvise Laboratory Apparatus?


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A laboratory is a study room where scientific knowledge gained through books is experimented practically. Laboratory apparatus is used in the laboratory for conducting science experiments. Without these special apparatus, it is not possible to conduct experiments successfully. These apparatus are designed in a special way taking in consideration the nature of experiments that need to be performed.

Laboratory apparatus can be very expensive and, due to new courses, they are in high demand. Nowadays, more importance is placed on the practical knowledge rather than bookish knowledge. In case a laboratory cannot buy new apparatus every time with the change in the science curriculum, laboratory apparatus can be improved to be used in different ways.

Some common laboratory apparatus includes:
  • test tubes
  • test tube stand
  • cork with a central hole
  • delivery tube
  • high voltage electric appliances
  • voltmeter
  • flasks
  • funnels
  • cork
  • conical discs
  • stirrer
  • glass bowls
New experiments would require new apparatus every time. However, with some creative application of the mind the laboratory assistant can make use of all these apparatus for any experiment, instead of buying specific apparatus for the projects.

Innovative application of laboratory apparatus can create interest amongst the students. They will also be inspired to engage more in scientific study. After all science is all about new creation and innovation. This will add immense value to the experiment being conducted by the students.

However, it is still advisable that a laboratory has multiple sets of laboratory apparatus kits. Though these kits do not have enough apparatus, the laboratory assistant must make an effort to get multiple pieces so that it could help the students in conducting experiments.

The students can be arranged in groups and use these apparatus. Laboratory apparatus must be handled with care, as any breakage will render that apparatus useless. Improvising laboratory products for different experiments will help in saving money, time and energy.

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