What's Communication And How Many Types Of Communication ?


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According to Merriam Webster Dictionary:
"Communication is the act or instance of transmitting; information transmitted or conveyed; verbal or written message; process in how information is exchanged between individuals through a common system such as symbols, signs or behaviour; personal rapport; speech, or technological transmission of information."
Humans have four ways to communicate: Speech, body language, written, and sign language. Animals such as dolphins do not have speech but they do use clicking and other vocal noises. Almost all animals have some form of vocal communication. Insects use their appendages for communication rather than vocal communication through the throat.
Though there are technically four ways to communicate there are numerous ways to use these four ways. This leads to the various 'types' of communication humans have invented. For those using the verbal form of communication there are telephones and face-to-face speech. Written forms include texting, emailing, and telecommunication properties. Fax, wires and much more have also existed for communication use.
Most school courses will tell you there are two types of communication; verbal and nonverbal. This is definitely true, though there are four ways you can communicate and many technological advances to help in these two forms.
Verbal communication is any vocal information that is transmitted, while non-verbal communication is any communication that does not involve spoken words. Facial expressions, grunts, sighs and whispers are all considered a type of non-verbal communication.
There are degrees to communication such as informal and formal communication. Informal is using slang or simple words to communicate in which you know the person well. Informal can include texting, post-it notes and emails. Formal communication has a set of rules in which customs and ceremony are a large part in how one acts with the other person one is communicating with such as a formal letter with signature.
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There are four types of communication. Firstly, there is assertive communication which is the most effective and healthiest form of communication. In this type of communication the self esteem of the person is high. It refers to how we naturally express ourselves. The second type of communication is the Aggressive communication which always involves manipulation like how we attempt to make people do what we want. Third type of communication is the passive communication which is based on compliance and hopes. Fourthly there is a combination of all styles of communication which is known as passive-aggressive. This communication type avoids direct confrontation (passive), and attempts to manipulate (aggressive).
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There are mainly two types of communication that is
1. Verbal
2. Non verbal

Verbal communication is again divided into written, oral and internet communication. The oral communication is in the form of spoken words. This can be face-to-face communication or in the form of a telephonic conversation or the voice chat over the Internet Written communication can be in the form of snail mail or now a day by an email.

Non-verbal communication is formed by expressions, expressive behavior and body language. Body language of the person who is communicating,  including  the body posture, the gestures of the hand and facial expressions play a very important role while communication is taking place since the expressions on a person’s face depicts a lot about the mood he or she is having.

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Communication is about exchanging information between people.  Types include, Oral, written, computerised and special needs.
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Communication is an activity by which you convey your message to other. In computer world the sending and receiving of information between two devices or computer is also called communication.

The two basic types of communications are

Verbal ( Oral, Written, E-mail )
Non Verbal ( Expression, Expressive behaviors, Body language

In computer world the two types of communications are

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Communication comes from the latin word "communis" means common.. Lundberg said "the form of interaction which take place through symbols."
D.J paul said
"it is a process by which people exchange ideas, fex, feelings or impression in ways that each gain a common understanding of the message."

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