Scientist That Contributed In The Field Of Electricity?


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There are many scientists who have contributed towards the field of electricity. Unlike most inventions, there is no single scientist who is thought to have invented it.

Electricity is something that was worked upon for hundreds of years before it became the source we have come to depend upon in our everyday lives. Many scientists made small discoveries that eventually led to the use of electricity and the power it provides around the world.

The scientists that contributed to the invention and implementation of electricity are as follows:

  • The invention of electricity is thought to have begun thousands of years ago in the 6th century BC when Thales of Miletus discovered that he could attract small objects by rubbing fur together. Although this seems like a very small discovery, it is something that has led us to live our lives the way we do now. He tried many different objects and eventually found that by rubbing amber together he could make sparks; which would eventually become electricity.

  • In the 1600s, many electrical discoveries were made by the scientists Girolamo Cardano, William Gilbert and Otto von Guericke. They did not all work together but their discoveries influenced one another. They found that electricity has magnetic properties and that it can have positive and negative forms. They also found it can move across a vacuum and discovered the differences between insulators and conductors.

  • By the end of the 19th century, scientific discoveries from scientists such as Benjamin Franklin, who connected lightning with electricity, Alessandro Volta, George Ohm and Andre Ampere made huge contributions towards electricity.
  • The inventors in the 20th century were the people who led us to use electricity the way we do today. Some of these scientists include Thomas Edison, Nikolas Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, George Westinghouse and Samuel Morse.
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    Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin.
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