Name Of Scientists Who Worked In The Field Of Electricity?


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The Topic:  Scientists / Inventors  in Electricity    ------ Below is an indexed list of websites with biographies of inventors and scientists who worked with electricity. This is a supplemental webpage for a 42eXplore project on Electricity. After your visit here, you can visit our parent webpage: EduScapes or return to the parent project: Electricity.      A-B-D  Ampère, André Marie: (1) André Marie Ampère, (2) André Marie Ampère, (3) André  Marie Ampère, (4) Ampère, Andre-Marie (1775-1836), (5) André-Marie Ampère:  1775 - 1836 from Adventures in CyberSound, (6) André Marie Ampère from Catholic Encyclopedia, (7) André Marie Ampère from Who's Who in the World of Corrosion, (8) Ampère, André Marie from Encarta  Bell, Alexander Graham: (1) Alexander Graham Bell, (2) Bell's Telephone from Franklin  Institute, (3) Alexander Graham Bell: The Inventor, (4) Alexander Graham Bell: Scottish Inventor, (5) Alexandar Graham Bell from AT&T's Brain Spin, (6) Alexander Graham Bell's Kids' Page by N. MacKinnon, H. Long, and M. Wheeler, (7) More About Bell from PBS, (8) Alexander Graham Bell's Path to the Telephone by M.E. Gorman, (9) Telephone from Invention Dimension  de Forest, Lee: (1) Lee de Forest from PBS, (2) Complete Lee de Forest, (3) Lee de  Forest from Adventures in CyberSound, (4) Lee de Forest, (5) Lee de Forest (1873-1961): Triode Amplifier from Invention Dimension, (6) Lee de Forest at     E-F  Edison, Thomas: (1) Thomas A. Edison Papers, (2) Thomas A. Edison and the Menlo  Park Laboratory from Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, (3) Thomas Alva  Edison from National Inventors Hall of Fame, (4) Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) from Edison Elementary School, Minot, ND, (5) Edison Birthplace Museum, (6) Thomas Edison's Home Page, (7) Edison National Historic Site from National Park Service, (8) Wizard of Menlo Park from Franklin Institute, (9) Thomas Alva Edison from Spectrum, (10) Thomas Edison, (11) Thomas Alva Edison from Edison-Ford Estates, (12) Thomas Edison's Invention Web, (13) Edison's Miracle of Light from PBS, (14) Thomas Edison: American Inventor, (15) Thomas Alva Edison: 1847-1931 from Lemelson Center, Smithsonian Institution, (16) Thomas Edison-the Years to Age 40 by R. Kurtus  Faraday, Michael: (1) Michael Faraday (1791-1867) from Institution of Electrical  Engineers, (2) Faraday, Michael (1791-1867) from E. Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography, (3) Michael Faraday, (4) Electrical Decomposition by Michael Faraday, (5) Michael Faraday (1791-1867) from The Royal Institution, (6) Michael Faraday, (7) Faraday: Chemist, Physicist, Natural Philosopher, (8) Michael Faraday, (9) Michael Faraday, (10) Michael Faraday by L.P. Williams, (11) Faraday at Bioanalytical Systems, Inc., (12) Faraday, Michael from Encarta  Franklin, Benjamin: (1) Benjamin Franklin, the American Renaissance Man from  ThinkQuest, (2) Benjamin Franklin: A Documentary History, (3) Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man from Franklin Institute, (4) Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, (5) Benjamin Franklin: An Enlightened American from ThinkQuest, (6) Benjamin Franklin: American Statesman and Inventor, (7) Benjamin Franklin from Ben's Guide, U.S. Government Printing Office, (8) Electric Ben Franklin from Independence Hall Association, (9) Benjamin Franklin from Spectrum, (10) Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) from Invention Dimension, (11) Biography of Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790, (12) Biography of Benjamin Franklin from Benjamin Franklin House, (13) Benjamin Franklin . . ., (14) Benjamin Franklin-the Publishing Years, (15) Franklin's Kite, (16) Ben Franklin's Kite and Electricity     G-H  Galvani, Luigi: (1) Luigi Galvani, (2) Luigi Galvani from Catholic Encyclopedia, (3) Luigi  Galvani from NASA Neurolab, (4) Discovery of Bioelectricity: Galvani and Volta from State University of Campinas, Brazil, (5) Luigi Galvani from Who's Who in the World of Corrosion, (6) Luigi Galvani, (7) Galvani at Bioanalytical Systems, Inc.  Gilbert, William: (1) William Gilbert (1544-1603), (2) Great Magnet, the Earth by D.P.  Stern, (3) William Gilbert and Experimental Science from Bartleby, (4) William Gilbert Biography  Hauksbee, Francis: (1) Francis Hauksbee the Elder from Bakken Library and Museum,  (2) Francis Hauksbee: C.1687 - 1763 from Adventures in CyberSound     J-K-L  Joule, James Prescott: (1) Joule, James Prescott from Encarta, (2) James Prescott Joule,  (3) James Prescott Joule, (4) James Prescott Joule (1818 - 1889),  Kelvin, William Thomson, 1st Baron: (1) Kelvin, William Thomson from Encarta, (2)  William Thomson (Lord Kelvin), (3) Lord Kelvin (William Thomson), (4) Sir William Thomson (Lord Kelvin), (5) William Thompson, (Lord Kelvin): 1824-1907 from Adventures in CyberSound  Latimer, Lewis H.: (1) Lewis H. Latimer, (2) Lewis H. Latimer, (3) Lewis Howard  Latimer, (4) Lewis Howard Latimer (1848-1928) from Invention Dimension     M-O  Marconi, Guglielmo: (1) Guglielmo Marconi from National Inventors Hall of Fame, (2)  Guglielmo Marconi from PBS, (3) Guglielmo Marconi from Guglielmo Marconi Foundation, (4) Guglielmo Marconi, (5) Guglielmo Marconi – Biography from Nobel e-Museums, (6) 1895: Marconi's Invention  Maxwell, James Clerk: (1) James Clerk Maxwell, (2) James Clerk Maxwell, (3) James  Clerk Maxwell from NASA, (4) James Clerk Maxwell: 1831 - 1879 from Adventures in CyberSound  Oersted, Hans Christian: (1) Oersted, Hans (1777-1851) from E. Weisstein's Treasure  Trove of Scientific Biography, (2) Magnetic Fields -- History, (3) Hans Christian Oersted 1777-1851, (4) Hans Christian Ørsted, (5) Hans Christian Oersted at Find A Grave, (6) Hans Oersted  Ohm, Georg Simon: (1) Georg Simon Ohm from Who's Who in the World of Corrosion,  (2) Georg Simon Ohm, (3) Georg Simon Ohm: 1787 - 1854 from Adventures in CyberSound, (4) Life of George Simon Ohm     P-S-T  Priestly, Joseph: (1) Joseph Priestley...The King of Serendipity from Useless Information,  (2) Joseph Priestley, (3) Joseph Priestly Biography, (4) Priestley, Joseph from Infoplease, (5) Priestley’s Physics Project from Science Museum in London  Shockley, William: (1) William Shockley at PBS, (2) Solid-State Physicist: William  Shockley from Time 100, (3) William Bradford Shockley – Biography from Nobel e-Museum, (4) Transistor from Invention Dimension, (5) William Shockley  Tesla, Nikola: (1) Nikola Tesla from National Inventors Hall of Fame, (2) TWP  Question & Answer Forum (Tesla FAQs) at Wardenclyffe Project, (3) Tesla: Master of Lightning from PBS, (4) Tesla: The Electric Magician by D. Trull from ParaScope, Inc., (5) Nikola Tesla, (6) Nikola Tesla: Forgotten American Scientist from Summers-Knoll Elementary School, Ann Arbor, MI, (7) Strange Life of Nikola Tesla by Nikola Tesla, (8) Nikola Tesla from Mercury Research Systems, (9) Nikola Tesla: Inventor from Lucid Interactive, (10) Rich's Tribute to Nikola Tesla, (11) Dr. Nikola Tesla, (12) Nikola Tesla-the Years to Age 40 by R. Kurtus     V  Volta, Alessandro: (1) Discovery of Bioelectricity: Galvani and Volta from State  University of Campinas, Brazil, (2) Alessandro Volta from Who's Who in the World of Corrosion, (3) Alessandro Volta at Catholic Encyclopedia, (4) Count Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta: A Pioneer in Electrochemistry, (5) Volta at Bioanalytical Systems, Inc., (6) Volta, Alessandro, Count from Encarta

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