Who Are The Foreign Scientist And Their contribution in electricity Contribution?


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This question is impossible to answer, since the concept of being foreign is a subjective one. In other words, without knowing where you live and what you consider to be your home country, we can't know exactly what foreign is in relation to your current location. For example, if you're from Britain, a great discoverer and scientist like Thomas Edison, who used scientific knowledge to form new concepts regarding electricity, may seem foreign to you. However, if you are an American and you live in the United States, Thomas Edison won't be a foreign scientist at all. Since we don't know where you're living, let's look at some clever ways to learn more about scientists, electricity, and what concepts like "foreign" really mean.

  • Use the Internet

Yes, we know you're already using the World Wide Web to try and get an answer to this very interesting question. However, by using the right keywords in any popular Internet search engine, such as Google, you can access exact information that meets your specification. When you search, be sure to do it right, so that you don't waste a ton of time looking for a right search results.

  • Search hints

To get the best results, search terms like "Scientists electricity" and add your country name. By adding your location, you'll immediately know who isn't a foreign scientist in electricity, and you'll be able to exclude those people. Then, do a search for scientists and electricity, and look for scientists who aren't on the list from your country, or listed as being from your area. Any of these candidates will obviously be foreign.

To learn more about science, study science at school or in a well-stocked community library, and then record your ideas, observations, and impressions. Buying bios on scientists like Thomas Edison can also provide plenty of information and inspiration.

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