What Are Improvised Apparatus In Physics?


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1, we use the electric light bulb, when the switch is closed, current from the power supply out of reach through the wire filament, due to the filament heat until the issue of light years, which is used for lighting electrical transmission of heat in the resistor of physical phenomena; 2, the use of electric fans is the use of the current in the conductors of mid-stream out of date, produced by rotating magnetic field around the conductor, so that the fan motor rotation (electromagnetic force) driven fan spinning "for credit" of the physical phenomena; 3, we have pot on the fever (or burning) of the stove, while the stove issued by the absorption of heat to heat the food pot was cooked, as is the use of the thermal conductivity of the physical phenomena; 4, our fans, or fans can have the wind, is the use of the Other blades on both sides of the force to produce a different pressure, resulting in the wind (air power); 5, our cars, and people can walk on the ground is the use of the friction between an object; 6, we can steelyard measuring the weight of an ordinary object is to use the lever principle (mechanics) to achieve.

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