What Are The Set-up Of Laboratory Apparatus In Evaporation?


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The main piece of equipment that is used during the process of evaporation in a laboratory is an evaporation dish, which is designed to withstand high temperatures by being made out of porcelain or ceramic. Liquid is heated up to the point of evaporation which removes solvents by purifying the solution being heated. By doing this, the people performing the process will be able to discover how the liquid reacts when it is heated.

To perform this experiment, there are several piece of equipment that you will need:

• A Bunsen burner for heating.
• A watch glass.
• A tripod covered with wire gauze.
• Liquid solution to heat.

Below are some steps on how to perform the evaporating experiment.

• The first step you should do is to fill up the evaporating dish the liquid solution that you are waiting to evaporate.
• Carefully place this dish onto top of the wire gauze that should be positioned on top of a tripod or ring stand. Position the Bunsen burner underneath the gauze. When it is lit, the flame should just touch the bottom of the wire gauze.
• Turn on the Bunsen burner and adjust the flame so that it touches the bottom of the evaporating dish.
• Cover the evaporating dish with a watch glass.
• Heat the evaporating dish up until the liquid inside has evaporated.
• Once it has all evaporated, completely extinguish the Bunsen burner.

When you are performing experiments, you should always wear safety equipment such as goggles, gloves and a laboratory coat.

You should also never leave a lit Bunsen burner unattended and also completely extinguish the flame when you have finished the experiment.

Don't put your face too close to the Bunsen burner flame or dish to avoid inhaling toxic fumes that may be released due to the evaporation.

Always be careful when touching the equipment after the experiment has finished in case it is still hot.

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