Who Invented The Piano?


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The piano is the most complex musical instrument. "The pianoforte" is the proper name of piano, which means "soft-strong" and suggests the variety of tones of which the piano is capable. This complicated instrument began with a simple one called "monochord". It was a box with a single string which had the intervals of the scale marked off on it. The players plucked the strings with a pick. About the year 1000 A. D., Guido d' Arezzo invented a movable bridge for the monochord and added keys and more strings. It was in use until the 16th century before "the clavichord" came. The sound of clavichord was produced by the vibration of springs through the pressure of a brass pin flattened on top. The closely related instrument was the Spinet; it was with a compass of four octaves. In the middle of the 17th century the popular instrument was the Harpsichord. It was larger than either the clavichord or spinet and had two keyboards. In shape it was like a grand piano.

In 1709, Bartolommeo Christofori introduced the hammer action which sets the piano apart from earlier stringed instruments. Beethoven was the first one to bring about a wider use of the piano.
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Basically, a piano is a harp encased in wood with ivory (traditionally) keys to hit the strings with instead of plucking with fingers. An Italian musician working for the Medici family, Bartolomeo Cristofori, is credited with creating the first piano, before the year 1700.

At first pianos were called pianofortes (Italian for soft-loud). Two similar keyboard-bearing instruments already existed since the late middle ages, the clavichord and the harpsichord. The harpsichord plucked strings, the clavichord used a metal hammer to hit the strings. Instead, a piano uses a very different mechanism to hit the strings, including a hammer encased in soft material such as leather. This action gave the player much more flexibility with respect to volume and style of play. Although pianos were slow to become popular, they

Pianos have steadily evolved since Cristofori's first efforts. German instrument makers especially tinkered with the idea. Vital feedback in the 1730s came from no less than the composer Johann S. Bach, who didn't like one of the early models, because of its heavy touch and weak treble. By 1750, though, Bach was a convert, even serving as a salesman.
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The piano was invented by a single individual who went by the name of 'Bartolomeo Cristofori of Padua', he was from Italy. However the exact date as to when Bartolomeo built the first ever piano, but evidence of an inventory that was made by his employers, the Medici family, suggests that the piano was built some time in the year 1700. The only remaining 3 pianos built by Cristofori that have survived the test of time and still exist are said to be made in the year 1720.

A piano also known as a pianoforte is a type of a musical instrument that can easily be classified as a keyboard, a string instrument or percussion. The sound from a piano is produced by the striking of steel strings with felt hammers, these hammers immediately rebound and let the string to continue vibration, thus producing the sound.
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I understand that Bartolomeo Cristofori in Florence, Italy invented the first Piano in 1698.  I may be wrong.
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Bartolomo Christofori built the first piano in Padua, Italy, sometime after 1707.  It had leather-covered hammers striking the strings and was called the piano forte,  because it could play softly (piano) and loudly (forte).
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Among all of the musical instruments that exist in the world today, there is one that many would say has become a major center in all genres of music. This instrument is the piano. The piano is a musical instrument that uses hammers that are controlled by a keyboard to strike metallic strings to produce a wide range of sounds. Pianos have become very popular throughout the world. The piano has many roots that spawned its development. These roots include the clavichord and harpsichord. Despite this wide array of roots for the piano, many people attribute its creation to one individual. This individual is Bartolomeo Cristofori of Padua, Italy. The main problem that had to be overcome in its creation was that of making the instrument in a way where the hammers would make contact with the strings, but not remain in contact. This would require the hammers to make one single strike and then return to their previous positions. There is no definitive date associated with the creation of the first piano. However, there is an indication that there was one brought into existence by 1700. This invention has undeniably had a great impact on the development of music since its creation.
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These differant opinions show that the exact date of the first piano being invented is unknow but it is sometime between 1650 and 1770. Asdadsdsad there is no need to get nasty.

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