When Was The Whiteboard Invented?


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Whiteboards have evolved from chalkboards and the very first enamel-on-steel write-on/ wipe-off magnetic whiteboard was created in UK by Magiboards. 

Slates boards on walls were used in 1801, and in 1850's blackboards were introduced. Near about 1990's whiteboards were introduced but
there were very expensive.

In the mid 1990s, the popularity of whiteboards increased and they became an important fixture of meeting rooms, business environment and educational institutes. Over the last ten years the enamel-on-steel magnetic whiteboards have passed through a number of transformations and there are a number of people which are involved in bringing these transformations.

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The first pcorcelain-on-steel write-on/ wipe-off magneti whiteboard was created by Magiboards in America in mid 90’s. It has hard surface and was an ideal alternative to chalkboard. In the past this porcelain board has gone through many changes and the Whiteboard is its final version. Like the surface of the board has become smoother and cleaner, glare has been reduced, ink pen are used instead of chalk and so on. The Whiteboard has lots of advantages and one of the main advantages is that most of the people are allergic to dust; the whiteboard markers doesn’t make the dust that comes from writing with chalk and from erasing it.
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