What Is The Average Temperature During Summer In Britain?


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The average temperature during summer in Britain is as hot as 32°C (90°F), but most of the time it touches to 26°C. The highest summer temperature recorded in Britain so far is 37.1 degrees Celsius (98.8 Fahrenheit). Britain has a very unpredictable weather throughout the year. It will receive a lot of sunlight on one day and on the very next day it may receive very heavy rainfall. This is due the close immediacy to the Atlantic Ocean and the warming of the water bodies in the region of the Gulf Stream. July and August are the most heated period during the year, wherein the temperature rises to 32ºC.

During June, July and August this land receives the longest daylight from five hours in northern Scotland to eight hours in the Isle of Wight. All through the month of November, December and January, this land receives shortest daylight, where sunshine is at its minimum.

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