What Is The Climate Like In The Himalayas, A) Temperature, B) Rainfall, C) Sunlight - Climate Data For Each Month Of The Year?


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The Himalayas have two seasons: Winter and summer. Temperatures are:
Southern foothills:
Summer: 30 degree C
Winter: 18 degree C

Middle Himalayan Valley:
Summer: 25 degree C
Winter: Really clod

Higher Middle Himalayas:
Summer: 15 – 18 Degree C
Winter: Below freezing point.

Above 4880 m
Permanently covered with snow.

Rainfall: Due to low humidity Main Himalayan range are unaware of the monsoon season, as the annual rainfall is only a few centimeters.
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Average rainfall 1065 cm per year
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The temperature in nepal has risen 0.6 degrees Celsius over the last decade.

The yearly rainfall increases from west to east along the front of the Himalayan range.
There is rainfall for parts of Punjab and Northern India.

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