Where Is Eastbourne?


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Eastbourne is a medium-sized town which lies in the East Sussex. It is located on the south-coast of England. The Eastbourne town was erected from ground zero during the 19th century. In this day and age the town has become a prime sea-side resort. The town of Eastbourne has the status of a borough. The borough is famous for its 'Beachy Head Cliff'. Traveling in trains from 'London Victoria' to Eastbourne borough takes around 1hr 40mins.

The population of Eastbourne is roughly around 90,000. The population is slowly but surely growing. The ethnicity is mainly 97 per cent white. The minority groups in Eastbourne include, Thai, Korea Chinese and Latino. The second largest minority of Eastbourne is that of the Greeks. Most of the town's shops are owned by the Greeks.

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