What Is The Average Rainfall In The Grampian Mountains?


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On an average, the Grampian Mountains receive about 80 millimetres of rainfall. It receives about 0.2 millimetres or more of rainfall around 175 days a year. This amount of rainfall is measurable. Hence it is advisable to carry a raincoat with you go out, even though you may not need to wear it. It is a general perception, but incorrect nevertheless, that all of Scotland in general, and the Grampian Mountains (which are located in Scotland) in particular, experience high rainfall.

However, the level of rainfall in Scotland varies widely from one place to another. The Western Highlands, for instance receives over 3, 000 millimetres of rainfall. In contrast, the east coast, namely the part of Scotland where the Grampian Mountains are located, receives less than 800 millimetres of rainfall. Melted snow is also a form of precipitation, and hence it would not be incorrect to consider it as rain and count it in the estimate of rainfall. Thunderstorms are not very common in Scotland. However the northern and eastern coasts of Scotland receive about three to four days of thunder per year.

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