How High Is The Alps?


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One of the great mountain ranges in Europe is known as the Alps. It stretches from Austria and Slovenia in the east, all the way through Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany to France in the west.

Its name is derived from French via Latin from the word Alpes which means "the Alps" or from Latin words "albus" meaning "white" or "altus" that indicates "high". The Alps have been separated as the Western Alps and the Eastern Alps. The highest mountain peak in the western Alps is the Mount Blanc at 4,808 meters (15,774 ft) on the French-Italian border. It is also the highest peak in the Alps range. Piz Bernina at 4,052 meters (13,294 ft) is the highest peak in the eastern ranges of Alps.

Since many years the Alps has been traversed for several purposes like war, trade and commerce by students, travelers and pilgrims.
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