Where Is Passchendaele?


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Passchendaele is an old name of a village in Belgium which falls under Zonnebeke municipality. The village is now known as Passendale.

The village has got a distinct name for itself in the annals of history because it is for the control of this village that one of the most ferocious battles fought during the World War I. The battle was fought in the town of Ypres and the conflicting parties were the Germans and the Allied Forces of the British and the Canadians.

The plan of the Allied Forces was to break the German lines and take control of the coastal village Passchendaele, where the Germans have their submarine bases. Though the Canadians were able to take control of the village, both the parties faced severe casualties. The alliance of Canada and Britain lost almost half a million of their men while the casualties on the German side were approximately two hundred and fifty thousand.

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