What Are The Roles Of Chemistry To Other Sciences?


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Chemistry is the bases for all sciences, and therefore the role is simple. It ensures that we can understand and use everything that we already know to move on in the other sciences which have not been studied for as long. Without chemistry we would not be able to have the different equations and understand of different substances to ensure that we can develop our other sciences and make improves as much as possible.

· The historic science

When you are studying the subject, you will find that chemistry is the oldest of all the sciences as it is what people were interested in all those years ago. It has enabled us to understand the human body and move on with biology and different medicines, and it has ensured that the technology that we use within physics can be developed and worked out instantly with the different equations of substances that we have.

· Primary science

Chemistry is the science that is the primary source of all knowledge. We would not know half of the stuff that we do today if we did not have chemistry to base everything on and ensure that we were going to be getting the knowledge and understanding that we need.

There is nothing better than knowing why things happen and how the different sciences can explain things. However, we would not be able to have all of the great discoveries that we do today if we have no have the discoveries within chemistry throughout history which has enabled us to understand metals, chemicals and other substances to ensure that we are going to understand more and more with the experiments that scientists are continuing to do on a regular basis. Without chemistry none of this would be possible and there would not be any more discoveries to be made.

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