What Are The Contribution Of Ramon C Barba?


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The Filipino scientist, Ramon C. Barba was best known for his contributions to the field of agricultural chemistry. Barba helped plants (such as Mango trees) to grow stronger by discovering ways to power their growth through the use of potassium nitrates.

Facts About Ramon C. Barba

• Born in 1939, this Philippines agricultural chemist was a humanitarian who was always helpful to other scientists; he was very willing to share his discoveries with others, in order to benefit the cause of enhanced food production for his native country.

• The Philippines is a Southeast Asian island, which is part of an archipelago. The Philippines has many native tropical fruit trees and other plants that greatly benefited from the addition of Barba`s special potassium chloride fertilization method.

• Today, students look to the work of Ramon C. Barba for inspiration; this
goodhearted scientist is an excellent role model and an important person in the history and culture of the Philippines.

• The sciences of botany and plant physiology have both been moved forward by the advancements made by Ramon C. Barba. This inquisitive and focused individual is an important academic who has made certain food sources more plentiful in his native land (and around the world). Bananas, mangoes and other fruits are prime examples of crops that grow more plentiful with Barba`s scientific methodology.

It`s possible to learn more about the uses of potassium nitrates (with regard to plants and fruit trees) by reading the published, peer-reviewed papers of scientist Ramon C. Barba. Universities and colleges in the Philippines may stock these singular published works in their libraries. Certain science courses offered in the Philippines may also provide students with a detailed outline of Barba`s life work and how it related to food production. Today, this scientist continues to act as a role model for the youth, and to contribute to the field of agricultural chemistry through his teaching.

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