Where Is Shildon?


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Shildon is located in the county of Durham in the north-east of England. The town of Shildon has a population of approximately ten thousand. The market town of Bishop Auckland is located around two and a half miles north of Shildon, the town of Darlington is about ten miles to the south, Durham at a distance of thirteen miles and Sunderland double that at twenty six miles.

There's the Cradle of Civilisation and then there is the "Cradle of the Railways". Shildon is considered the latter. The growth of the town is owing to the Stockton and Darlington Railway Company that set up its workshops in Shildon, providing employment and much needed impetus to the town in the eighteen hundreds. Infact much of the land holdings were belonging to the Stockton and Darlington Railways. The Locomotion Museum of Shildon is worth a visit.

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