Where Is Lynn Crematorium?


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King Lynn' s crematorium is also called Mintlyn crematorium and is placed at Lynn Road, Bawsey, King's Lynn PE 32 1HB. Bawsney that holds this crematorium is under King's Lynn and West Norfolk district. King's Lynn and West Norfolk district is placed in the English county of Norfolk. It is also a civil parish. The King's Lynn town is 4 miles east of Bawsey and city of Norwich is 40 miles west of Bawsey. Norfolk is in East Anglia to the east of south England. Norfolk shares its borders with Lincolnshire in the west, Cambridgeshire in the west and southwest and Suffolk in the south. The North Sea and The Wash skirt Norfolk on northern and eastern sides.

Lynn crematorium was started in 1980. This crematorium was presented 'The Natural Death Handbook Award 2004' as the best crematorium in the Anglia region.
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Could you please advise which crematorium mrs jacks service will be held,its at 11.30 today
thank you graeme morris

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