What Are Social Barriers In Communication?


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What are social barriers of communication?
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In addition the social barrier of communication would be many factors that you can look for example they are such things as; conflict, violent and abusive situations, ability to read and write in a particular language or style and the one that I will be focusing one is violent and abusive situations this is a huge barrier to communication this Is because if you are violent towards a person they are sure not to communicate with you in any way. This is a barrier because if you need to talk to someone to share information with them and they are violent or abusive towards you, then you will not want to communicate with them and then they will feel the same way. If there was no communication passed on in this barrier then the people communication together may feel threatened by someone who is abusive. Then they will not want to communicate with each other and information could be missed or mislead. The consequences of this potential barrier would be that if you are trying to send or receive information in a conversation it will be almost impossible to converse words with each other if one part of the conversation is violent or abusive. Another consequence could be that there has to be a cause for this to be violent and abusive this may because they have had a troubled past, so from this they would have low self esteem which could of caused them to be abusive and violent. So when overcoming this social barrier first of all you have to get through to this person you can do this is many ways, to start with you would build a relationship so that this person will feel more secure in your company they also will trust you a lot more. You could also use different methods to try and get to communicate with someone who has violent and abusive people such as play games with them to get their feelings across for example play hangman and the word has to do with something they are feeling this them will help them express their feelings and may help them to communicate a lot more effectively. If they didn't want to communicate with you at that time you could always delay the time until they have calmed down.

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