What Are Example Of Branches Of Science?


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Science has many branches examples of which are: Behavioural and Social Sciences, Biology, Earth Science, Mathematics, Environmental Science, and Medicine. These are the most common branches of science you should familiarize yourself with.

• Behavioural and Social Sciences

This branch of science covers major areas such as education, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, and psychology. As the name connotes, it deals with the study of human behaviour and how humans act and live in their environment. This branch also deals with how man relates to other human beings.

• Biology

Biology is a branch of science that studies life. It's a broad branch of science since it deals with all living things including man, animals, and plants. Biology consists of areas such as botany, zoology, physiology, taxonomy, genetics, and many more.

• Earth Science

As a branch of science, Earth Science deals with the study of the earth, space, and the entire universe. Astronomy, geography, seismology, palaeontology, geology, and the like comprise this branch.

• Mathematics

According to scholars, Mathematics is an exact science. It deals with numbers, processes, operations, and the development of problem solving skills. It covers algebra, calculus, basic fundamental operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as well as geometry and statistics.

• Environmental Science

As the name suggests; this branch of science deals with the study of the environment. Environmental scientists study about pollution, global warming, endangered species, natural resources, waste management, and everything that affects our environment.

• Medicine

Perhaps one of the most important branches of science, medicine is highly regarded since it deals with our health, nutrition and wellness. Dentistry, pathology, dermatology, and medicine itself are some of its main components. The most vital contribution of medicine is the discovery of medicines, treatments, and operations which can save lives.

Science is important which is why it's included in the education curriculum from elementary to college. As you pursue your desired career, you're bound to take courses in some of the branches of science as well.
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Botany, zoology, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, genetics, microbiology, computer science, aeronautics, electronics, astronomy, mathematics, geology, palaeontology, etc..
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You tama... There are three main branches ang Science. The physics, biology, chemistry

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