Where Is Giza?


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Giza is a town in Egypt on the West banks of the River Nile. It is also pronounced as Gizah. It is an Arabic term which is translated as al-gizah.. The place is actually located about 20 kilometers to the south west of Central Cairo which is now a part of the greater Cairo Metropolis.

It is the center of the Al Jizah Governorate, and is situated near the northeast boundary of this governorate in synchronize 29°59′00″N, 31°08′00″E. Its inhabitants are 4,779,000 according to 1998 census. It is mainly eminent as the position of the Giza Plateau which is the spot of some of the mainly remarkable ancient memorials in the world, with a intricate of ancient Egyptian imperial mortuary and consecrated configurations, together with the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and a number of further huge pyramids and temples.

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