Are There Storms On Pluto?


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I don't know but wikipedia is not a good place to find answers
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From the wikipedia article of pluto : "the atmospheric pressure was determined to be 0.15 pascal, roughly 1/700,000 that of Earth." and other measurements reported on the wiki page mention twice that pressure.

So if by "storm" you mean great wind speed : That is a possibility since there is gaz on pluto and the differences in pressure on the different points of the surface will generate wind. But if your idea of "strong wind" is somewhat related to what you might experience on earth, keep in mind that the pressure is very low and so for the same wind speed, you will feel a much more important "push" on earth.

If by "storm" you mean rain and lightning storms : That would be impossible on pluto since it's atmosphere "consists of a thin envelope of nitrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide, derived from the ices on its surface." So the gases and the temperature required to create the same conditions as on earth are not present.

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