Where Is Twickenham?


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Twickenham can be found in London, it is a suburb of London located in the borough of Richmond upon Thames. It is geographically located south west of London.

The suburb is famous primarily due to Twickenham Stadium, Rugby Football Union's headquarters. The Royal Military School of Music can also be found in Twickenham.

Twickenham stadium seats 82,000 and there is no stadium in the UK bigger than this. It beats even Old Trafford. The Rugby Football Union is based in Twickenham and the facility is primarily meant for the sport. Other events such as concerts by the Rolling Stones and U2 have also been held there.

One of the most memorable photos is of the Twickenham streaker, a photograph of Michael O'Brien being escorted naked by the police. The bobby escorting Mr. O'Brien has his headgear strategically covering our man's genitalia. It made picture of the year at life magazine.

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