Where Is The Tramontana?


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Tramontana is also spelt as Tramontane in French and Tramuntana in Italian. It is the name of a northern wind. The direction and form of the name of the wind is different from country to country. It is known as Tramontane in France and Tramuntana in Catalonia.

It blows from the northwest to the southeast in the south of France and along the Mediterranean coast of North Catalonia. The speed of the wind is higher between the north of the Pyrenees range of mountains and the southeast of the Massif Central. It is not the same as the Mistral, but is often compared to it. The Tramuntana Mountains, a mountain range in Mallorca, Spain, also derives its name from the Tramontane wind.

In Italy, the wind is known as the Tramontana wind or the Garigliano wind. It is a north-easterly or northerly wind. It blows from the Alps and Apennines, which are located to the south of the Alps, to the coast of Italy. It is mainly prevalent on the west coast of Italy and in northern Corsica. The wind is caused by a weather system that originates in the west. It follows a depression on the Mediterranean. The speed of the wind is about 70 kilometres per hour before sunrise, when it is the strongest. It is a fresh mistral-type of wind.

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